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Rawhide Safety

  • Discard the chew once it is small enough to be swallowed.
  • Always supervise your pet while chewing.
  • If your pet is swallowing rawhide in chunks remove the rawhide. Rawhide may not be appropriate.
  • Flavored and colored items may stain. Use in a color safe areas only.
  • Always wash hands after handling any rawhide product.

 Production Information

Our products are 100% natural. Color variations are normal. Our products are made by hand. Products may vary in size and shape.

  • White rawhide: 100% Rawhide. Veterinarian, USDA and FDA inspected.
  • Colored rawhide: White rawhide with FDA approved colorings. Veterinarian, USDA and FDA inspected.
  • Munchers: 100% Veterinarian, USDA and FDA approved rawhide, ground; held together and in shape by a 100% water and rawhide "paste", then dried.


  • The rawhide raw material is soaked in an alkaline solution ((Ca(OH)2) to clean and prepare for quality control. Unacceptable material is trimmed and discarded. Acceptable raw material that passes our strict standards is passed to production.
  • Further cleaning to accepted rawhide raw material is soaked in a solution of water and ammonia sulfate ((NH4)2SO4) at the required temperature for the required amount of time. (all temps and time are our proprietary recipe)
  • The completely clean rawhide is then sterilized in Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) at the required temperature for the required amount of time. This also has a desired side effect of making the rawhide the yellow-white color you are familiar with.
  • After the rawhide is cleaned and sterilized it has to be neutralized from the PH level achieved and necessary for cleaning and sterilization. The ammonia sulfate and hydrogen peroxide solutions are neutralized by giving the rawhide raw material a bath of sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, (NaHCO3) solution at the required temperature and for the required amount of time. The rawhide raw material is no longer raw material now, it is edible rawhide.
  • The rawhide is then shaped and stored in our "greenhouse" (constantly temperature controlled room) until about 85% of the humidity is removed to achieve the desired hardness.
  • The product is then inspected again and the items that pass our quality control standards are either packaged for sale, or they are further worked with the FDA approved colorings and/or flavorings, re-dried, and then packaged for sale.

At no time is bleach or arsenic used in our manufacturing process. No chemicals are left without neutralization during the manufacturing process.

  • Our rawhide dog chews are Made in Brazil using the above methods. Every shipment is inspected by a Veterinarian, the USDA and FDA.

Our products are safe for your pets and ours.